EO Chicago provides members with the tools to inspire change and growth as an entrepreneur.


EO Chicago is focused on providing our members with the tools and resources to take your business to the next level. There is no other organization in the world that’s working to harness the creative power and leadership of entrepreneurs to drive progress and growth in their businesses, communities, families and personal lives.

"Without EO, I quite literally would not have started Hireology. I wouldn’t have met my business partners, and I’d still be scraping by, wondering what I was doing wrong. Thank you forum, thank you EO."
Adam Robinson, CEO at Hireology
"EO, I joined to continue to learn and grow in business, I have. What I did not know 16 years ago, is how much I would grow as a father, husband, friend and as a global citizen…"
Dan Heuertz, President at F&B Partners LLC
"EO has been life changing… from my forum experience to the university events! EO is one of the best investments I did for my company, but it was even more pivotal, for my personal self. Some say, great leaders stem from the self. For me, becoming a great leader began with EO."
Shirley Kam, Creative Director at Love & Promise Jewelers
"I’ve become a better father, husband, and leader due to the support I’ve received in EO. I plan to be a part of this Organization as long as I’m fortunate enough to qualify!"
Anthony Ramirez, President/CEO at Lincoln Security Services, LLC

Membership Dues:

EO Chicago membership dues must be paid in full by June 30th each year.  Because a full array of programs and services have been planned and paid for, no refunds will be given after July 31st.  EO’s operating budget is based solely upon the renewals received each year.

Membership Requirements