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EO Accelerator

The EO Accelerator program supports the achievements of those entrepreneurs who are dedicated to reach the US$1-million mark in gross revenue. This program empowers entrepreneurs with the tools, community, and accountability to grow and master their business.

This innovative program will help you develop and enhance your skills in strategy, finance, leadership, sales, and marketing through a series of high-impact learning events and small group-support sessions. As an Accelerator participant, you will also learn from leading entrepreneurs about their best business practices in an experience sharing environment.

The cost of this program in EO Chicago is $3500 annually.

Accelerator Chairs

Mark Bealin Accelerator Program Chair Email me
Bo Patel Membership Chair
Hernan Silva Membership Chair
Aalap Shah Accountability Group Chair
Eric De Leon Learning Chair

What does this program entail?

ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP Peer learning groups meet with EO mentors to learn and grow through goal setting and action planning.
QUARTERLY LEARNING EVENTS Group learning events designed to push Accelera tors to work on their business.
GOAL SETTING The program includes written 30, 60, and 90-day goals designed to grow your business

How Do I Qualify?

To apply for admission to the Accelerator program, you must:

  • Complete an application and verify sales criteria Meet with the local Entrepreneurs’ Organization liaison.

To qualify for the Accelerator program you must:

  • Be the owner or founder, owner, co-owner, or controlling shareholder of a business with gross yearly revenues between US$250,000 to US$1 million.
  • Only qualified applicants will be considered. Qualification does not ensure admission into the program. All applicants are subject to approval by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

What is the Commitment?

  • Monthly Meetings: Accountability groups meet monthly for 2-3 hours.
  • Structured Learning Days: 1 per quarter
  • Key Areas of Business: People-Execution Cash-Strategy

What are the Benefits?

Entrepreneurs will learn skills necessary to grow and scale their business. You will learn from other business owners, in a relatable peer-to-peer environment. Whether you are looking to take your business to the “next level” or get a handle on how to operate your current dynamic, the Accelerator program can equip you with the tools necessary to lead your company in a positive direction.

Entrepreneurs will gain access to EO members, EO Chicago events, as well as access to additional regional and Global EO events. There is also access to EO Press Pass, the portal (www.EOAcceleratorPortal.org), more than 900 worldwide participant networks, and opportunities for local and global leadership.