September EO Chicago Member Spotlight: Hernan Silva

This month, the spotlight is on Hernan Silva, COO of CIO Landing, a managed IT service company that provides CIO oversight, professional IT services, and technical support to businesses in Chicago and Miami.


July EO Chicago SAP Spotlight: Gagan Bhambra

This month, we’re shining a light on Gagan Bhambra, CEO of Quest Management and Consulting LLC. Quest Management and Consulting LLC oversees operations for Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operators. They help Terminal Operators with business strategy, marketing, day to day operations, sales, compliance, and customer relations. A recent EO member, Gagan is excited to learn alongside his other EO members and share more about his entrepreneurship journey. Learn how entrepreneurship has always been a part of his life and where he hopes to take his business in the future.


June EO Chicago SAP Spotlight: Andy Hite

June’s SAP spotlight is on Andy Hite, owner of Andy Hite Coaching. He offers powerful one-on-one Executive and Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching for senior leaders and their teams. For Andy, family is everything, so he chose to leave his career in producing commercial theatre to show his teenage daughters what chasing a dream looks like. Discover his entrepreneurial journey from producing theater in Chicago to launching his own coaching business.


May EO Chicago Member Spotlight: Uma Bansal

This month, the spotlight is on EO Chicago member Uma Bansal, Managing Partner at The Oracle Legal Group, a law firm that provides a comprehensive range of legal services to small startups and established businesses. Though she once wanted to be a writer or philosopher, Uma would go on to graduate from Johns Hopkins as an Electrical Engineer and then Boston College Law School. Learn how she went from patent law in Chicago to human rights law in India to starting her own law firm right here in Chicago. Plus, she’s looking for restaurant recommendations!


April EO Chicago Member Spotlight: Laura Pekarik

Get to know Laura Pekarik, owner of Courageous Bakery. When her sister, Kathryn, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins T-cell Lymphoma, Laura established Courageous Bakery out of a passion for baking and to raise money for cancer research. A portion of every purchase made at Courageous Bakery goes to helping find a cure and raising awareness for non-Hodgkins T-cell Lymphoma. Learn from Laura how Courageous Bakery came to be, how far it’s come since its founding, and the coolest cake-related project she’s working on right now.


March EO Chicago Member Spotlight: Mike Tobey

Meet Mike Tobey, CEO of The Hose Monster Company, a manufacturer that provides products to test fire pumps and hydrants. Hose Monster plays an essential role in ensuring the safety of people and property by verifying fire protection systems work the way they’re supposed to. Mike, who hails from Montana, acquired his company three years ago. Since then, he’s been helping it grow. Learn more about Mike’s entrepreneurial journey from the Marines to investment banking to business acquisition, plus the best career advice he has to give and the coolest project he’s working on right now.


February EO Chicago Member Spotlight: Matt Stringfellow

Our February spotlight is on EO Chicago member Matt Stringfellow, CEO and Partner of SOLJETS, a private jet brokerage company that is redefining the client-broker relationship. Along with a love of flying and years of experience in the brokerage business, Matt is an avid outdoorsman and traveler. Before starting SOLJETS, he earned a degree in aviation from Purdue University and has since taken his passion for flying to his business. Learn more about his entrepreneurial journey and goals for the future of his business.